exhibition room


Jinxi Art was formed by a group of artists and designers. We, along with our investors, also own several home furnishings factories in China, allowing us to control all aspects of sampling and manufacturing. We are proud to offer our clients diverse, creative product using mixed materiality and handcrafted techniques. By mixing the factories’ technology with our artistic skills, we are confident this will enhance our brand image.

Our mission is to offer clients exclusive offerings created with skilled craftsmanship, anchored in artistic value. We aim to offer quality products at fair prices that exceed our client’s highest expectations.

Ceramics is one of Jinxi’s major features. It integrates traditional art and abstract art into its ceramic products. In other words, Jinxi’s ceramic products are all perfect combinations of traditional ceramic art and modern abstract ceramic art. Thanks to its designers’ originality and potters’ craftsmanship, all of its ceramic products are lifelike.


oil painting

Jinxi’s oil paintings mainly include abstract paintings, representational paintings and classical paintings. What makes Jinxi’s products so distinctive is their creation process: based on intuition and imagination, painting materials are fully used to depict objects, and then oil paintings are integrated into household supplies.