Autumn/winter 2019 Canton fair

Xiamen jinxi attended the 2019 Canton fair in pazhou, guangzhou.

Xiamen Jinxi has participated in the 126th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) in October 2019, this was the fifth time Jinxi taking part in the fair. In the fair, Jinxi has shown two main product categories which are ceramics and oil painting. The ceramics items are divided into traditional and modern ceramics. For traditional ceramics, we focus on Chinese traditional elements such as blue and white ceramics, Tang Sancai ceramics, green-glazed, white-glazed and celadon-glazed ceramics. For modern ceramics, we focus on special patterns and textures created by our designer teams.The oil paintings are divided into different styles including impression landscape, abstract landscape, abstract portrait, abstract floral, realistic floral and classical floral paintings. We created unique and special products by mixing oil paintings with different products and materials. We have also shown some other furniture and decorative items in the fair, such as mirrors, wooden, acrylic and metal furniture, resin, bronze, crystal, shell and stone accessories.

This is a special collection in our traditional ceramics, the stable and controllable reactive-glazing finish is 

obtained through numerous trial and error by our development team.

By controlling the green and red color distribution on the surface, in addition to rusting and antique finish, 

we create a feeling of special texture with matt color to this collection

Traditional blue and white ceramics is also our main focus in the show. 

The blue and white collection is a classic in Jingdezhen ceramic history. 

Our products are produced by the traditional chinese brush painting technique 

with traditional blue and white patterns. By high-temperature firing in 1300℃, 

this collection is very strong and durable.

Atomize the glaze slip with spray gun or atomizer and apply it to the surface of the blank. Immerse the blank into the glaze slip for a while 

and take it out. The water absorption of the blank would help attach the glaze evenly on its surface. 

The mirror was made by hand painting on the mirror surface in oil, we integrate the warm color 

tone with antique gold foil finish. The mirror surface is covered with a protective layer to prevent 

the paint from peeling off, rich layers of colors and textures are produced by the composition of 

fine strokes in different colors and antique gold foil finish 

A collection of bronze accessories 

In this collection, we integrate oil paintings and fabrics from ethnic group (Miao) into wooden furniture, 

the chairs are made in natural wood finish, white and black color with hand carved details.


Our new collections include abstract and impression landscape, abstract portrait and impression floral paintings

Sharing and discussing our new samples with clients


Group photo of our team in the fair